mikrocount® dipslides can be used in a variety of applications.

For a systematic monitoring of the environmental and operating hygiene status.


mikrocount® dipslides

An overview of the products


mikrocount® TPC

For the determination of the total plate count


mikrocount® TPC/E

For the combined determination of the total plate count and for the detection of enterobacteria


mikrocount® duo

For the combined determination of the total plate count as well as yeasts and fungi



mikrocount® dipslides are plastic nutrient media slides coated on both sides with a special agar [1] on which the respective microorganisms grow. The high sensitivity of mikrocount® dipslides allows a hygiene control of products with high standards. The nutrient medial slide is equipped with a pivot joint [2], making it considerably easier to draw samples across the entire surface with surface contact.

mikrocount® dipslides are manufactured under sterile conditions. The agar surfaces contain no toxic ingredients that could be transferred of the products being tested. Furthermore, the dipslides are supplied with a transparent and shatter-proof protective tube [3]. The results can be evaluated with the tube sealed, thus avoiding the risk of contamination of employees.

Dipslides mit Zahlen

cultura® incubator

As an optimal addition to the mikrocount® dipslides we recommend the cultura® incubator.


mikrocount® fuel

As a further product of the mikrocount® range, we would like to introduce you to mikrocount® fuel, a test method for detection of contaminated diesel fuels.

mikrocount fuel
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